It was their first trip to the big city. And it came with a purpose: To find that very special symbol of their love. Mesmerized by the bright city lights and blinded by emotion, they walked the sidewalks hand in hand giggling like two school children. After all, what had started as a childhood crush years ago, had now grown into an irresistible love for one another. The couple searched the finest stores. Her eyes lit up as she saw the ring that she wanted. It was a CallaTMCut Diamond ring that sparkled with so much brilliance. Seeing how happy she was, he kneeled before her and slid the ring onto her finger and proposed. Just as the glass slipper fit Cinderella, the CallaTMCut “Beyond Eternity” diamond was a perfect match for his only true love. The rest of their life had now begun, bound by love and sealed with a magnificent diamond….
Submitted by Christ Galbraith; 1st place winner for 2nd Calla Romance Writing Contest;