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When Unique Shape married with Precise Contour

Calla is a symbol of perfection. Every piece of Calla™ is empowered by the CNC technology which exemplifies the vividness of the Calla™ butterfly.

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The One and only One Invincible Setting

Our patented setting maximizes the amount of stones presented upfront while also securely and reliably holds them seamlessly in place. This ingenious setting method shows the perfect shape of a Calla butterfly.

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Manufacturing Finesse

By combining four decades of master jewelry craftsmen experience with machined precision, Calla™ Cut fine jewelry stands out from standard porous products with exceptional radiance and splendor.

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The Color that Colors the Future

Jewelries made of Calla™ Cut diamonds are not only unique. Their brilliance comes from their simplicity and purity, just like the calla lily. Every piece of Calla™ jewelry is dedicated to bring out the beauty of nature through its shape, color and creative design.

Other than the Calla Cut Diamond, Calla Cut Sapphire, blue Topaz and Amethyst have been added to enrich the already abundant series. Just like the Calla Cut Diamond, Call Cut Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst have an unstoppable eye-catching character, the natural richness of these stones have added a different color touch to suit different tastes and occasions.