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Why Calla…

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The boat shape like cutting of marquise is able to create the optical illusion of a slimmer finger, but it suffers from the “bow tie effect” and durability issue commonly found in many fancy cut diamonds. Calla™ Cut is characterized by its breakthrough cutting that addresses these inherent limitations while retaining the gem’s brilliance and fire.


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Traditional fancy cut diamonds such as Oval, Heart, Marquise shaped diamonds are lacking one culmination point at the tip of the pavilion. This resulting keel line, vertically bisects reflected light and is one of the factors contributing to the bow tie effect, which in turn compromising the brightness and brilliance of the stone in suboptimal conditions.


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By boldly reinventing the cutting, Calla™ Cut captures the brilliance of round shaped diamond and yet featuring fuller wings, sturdier points and a focused culet. In essence, the perfected navette shape of marquise can only be achieved with Calla Cut.