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Calla™ … the relentless pursuit of beauty.

Commonly acknowledged by the diamond trade around the world, marquise diamonds are often afflicted by the light-reflection deficiency in the middle of the stones often referred as“bow-tie”effect which significantly compromises their brilliance. By disregarding diamond yield and solely focusing on beauty, the Calla™ Cut was invented. With its patented design and spectacular brilliance property, Calla™ Cut diamond is a truly breakthrough for fancy cut diamonds. It is named after calla lily due to its shape resemblance with this elegant flower which is famous for its symbolic meaning of purity, faith and gratitude and hence has been regarded as the lucky charm for wedding bliss.  


Igniting Maximum Fire Power

Calla™ Cut diamond capture the same massive level of fire power for the marquise.

Uncompromising Reliability

With its added weight and rotund belly, Calla™ Cut diamonds are stronger and more durable than traditional marquise diamonds.

The one and only Invincible Setting

Our patented setting maximizes the amount of stones presented upfront while also securely and reliably holds them seamlessly in place.


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