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The Shape that

Shapes the Future

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Calla™ … the relentless pursuit of beauty.

The great has just become greater – Riding on the success of Calla™ launched a decade ago and its commitment for continuous breakthrough. The further refined details and the unique elegance of Calla™ cut diamond is now fully unleashed with the newly invent setting. The Calla™ is as pure as a gift from the nature and is a masterpiece long awaited by the discerning few.

When Unique Shape married with Precise Contour

Calla™ is a symbol of perfection. Every piece of Calla™ is empowered by the CNC technology which exemplifies the vividness of the Calla™ butterfly.

The One and Only Invincible Setting

Our patented setting maximizes the amount of stones presented upfront while also securely and reliably holds them seamlessly in place. This ingenious setting method shows the perfect shape of a Calla™ butterfly.

The Color that Colors the Future

Other than the Calla™ Cut Diamond, Calla™ Cut Sapphire, blue Topaz and Amethyst have been added to enrich the already abundant series.

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